• Philippe Dominois

Top 4 Benefits of Learning Advertising Media Best Practices

Updated: Sep 21, 2020

Pressure was heaped on procurement departments in 2016 following the publication of an explosive report by the Association of National Advertisers (ANA) in the US, which found widespread evidence of media owners paying rebates to agencies based on the amount they spend on media.

The report suggested many media agencies are buying media that does not align with their clients’ strategies, and follows warnings by UK trade body ISBA about a lack of transparency in advertising media buying. All of these issues compel procurement departments to improve communication with their agencies and ensure they are getting a better deal on behalf of their brands.

But too often, good procurement professionals have approached the advertising media space with the same techniques as for traditional goods and services. After much diligent work, some think they succeed... but it is an illusion. 

So here are the top 4 benefits of learning advertising media best practices, based on over 20 years of media auditing and consulting assignments with some of the biggest global brands.