• Philippe Dominois

The Media Agency Pitch Landscape 2020: What Does the Latest Industry Report Reveal?

Updated: Mar 25

In 2020, media agencies just like numerous other businesses, faced distinctive and unprecedented challenges. Diminished revenues, personnel cuts and the realities of remote work all took their toll. At the same time, these challenging new realities also created some intriguing opportunities for ingenious market participants. Luckily, advertisers were the ones to benefit from such developments the most.

What was the media agency pitch landscape like in 2020 and can we draw some valid conclusions for developments to anticipate in 2021? Here’s what industry overviews reveal about the state of the market over the course of the past year.

Global New Business Highlights

According to the COMvergence Global New Business Barometer 2020, the total media pitch activity over the course of the year reached 22.2 billion dollars worldwide, which is a 15% fall versus 2019. However, when looking at the ‘Pitch Rate’ (the number of pitches divided by the number of advertisers), it remained at 18% on average in 2020 despite of the pandemic.

When comparing the pitch rate by market, Russia had the highest rate with 35% of advertisers pitching their media planning and buying business in 2020, compared with only 8% in Switzerland.