• Philippe Dominois

Let Your Media Agency Contract Do The Talking!

Updated: Feb 9

Does your current media agency contract protect your interests?

During my time as media auditor to many of the biggest advertisers in the world, I found that their overall media performance greatly hinged on their contract with their media agency. The bigger the advertiser, the higher the chance of media success, largely due to the existence of Procurement, and Legal and Marketing departments that review and validate said contracts.

Today, as co-owner of a media consultancy, I aim to empower small to medium size global advertisers with media management best practices. Our work helps our clients significantly improve their return on advertising media spends using our proprietary media transformation program.

Part of what we do is to review media agency contracts. We are certain that a highly successful relationship between an advertiser and its media agency is based on an iron-clad agreement. If your firm doesn’t have in-house media experts, we can help you look out for loopholes, such as the ones below.

Top 5 Overlooked Matters in Media Agency Contracts

Among the numerous agreements we’ve come across, these five were the most common missing provisions. Adding them in can elevate a contract from satisfactory to mutually beneficial.