• Philippe Dominois

"I Can't Believe It"

Updated: Sep 19, 2020

Meet Laia (pronounced 'Laya'). She is one of our latest recruits, who joined us as an Advertising Media Analyst. She has been very busy reviewing many media agency documents as part of her role to support us in delivering our reports to our clients. And there is a phrase that she kept on saying, day in, day out - "I can't believe it!".

Laia is a young graduate with a Master's degree in Marketing, eager to learn, and a pure soul. She went through our media management training from her first week with us and learned all about media management best practices. As soon as she started reviewing media agency documents and benchmarking these against best practices, the results came to a shock to her. She still can't believe how often and how significant the shortfalls are.

Here are some of the best examples of the media agency shortfalls that Laia came across in the past couple of months:

Client Media Briefs without Measurable KPIs:

Media Management best practices, which Laia learned during her onboarding, dictates that all media briefs from an advertiser should include measurable KPIs, to understand whether their advertising was a success and the quantifiable objectives achieved. "How can our client know if the campaign was successful if the goals are not measurable?" she asked. "They can't," I replied. "I can't believe it!" she gasped.

Media Campaigns with No Post-Campaign Reports:

Post-campaign reports are hugely important. They evaluate the execution of a media plan and provide a quantitative and qualitative assessment of a campaign's performance. Each campaign should have one, and it is always part of a media agency's contractual obligation. So why Laia found out that in many cases, post-campaign reports were not done, sometimes as low as 30% of post-campaign reports exist? One of the answers we received was astonishing. "If the client doesn't ask, doesn't get."  "I can't believe it!" she replied.