• Philippe Dominois

An Abintus Story by Bob van der Beek

Bob van der Beek is Group Commercial Director at Stage Entertainment, one of the world’s largest musical producers and theatre operators with presence in the US, United Kingdom, Germany, Netherlands, Spain, France and Italy.

He is based at their HQ in Amsterdam, Netherlands.

He is one of our founding clients since February 2019. We have been providing them with valuable benchmarking and since two years, we also took care of their monthly media reporting. We have helped them sharpen the process of how they consolidate and manage their media buying data across markets. Thanks to that, they are now much better equipped to monitor and drive their media agencies’ performance.

Here is his view about working with Abintus.

Video Transcript:

What Abintus enabled us to do, you can summarise it just in one sentence. Now we a