• Philippe Dominois

Abintus in the Press - Time for Media's Squeezed Middle to Take Action

Smaller advertisers, that are most at risk from being disadvantaged by the agency-led buying system, should wise up.

Phillippe Dominois, co-founder of global media consultancy, Abintus Consulting, encourages his clients to hire a “media manager”, who can ensure media management best practices are being applied, helping marketers measure the performance of their media campaigns.

“Agencies can do great work”, but there are also instances where they give “below-par service and deliverables” – “if they feel the client is not media savvy”, he says. “We see the basics of the media planning and buying process, such as post-campaign reporting, being far from best practice or even forgotten.”

Read the full article by Omar Oakes which was published on the April 2021 issue of Campaign - Time for media's squeezed middle to take action