• Philippe Dominois

6 Best Advices for Mastering Advertising Media Procurement

Updated: Feb 8

In an environment undergoing continual transformation, many companies are searching for new ways to assess, increase, and monitor the efficiency and effectiveness of their marketing, advertising, and media budgets. To achieve these ambitions, companies need to make the right choices about what they buy, how they buy, and whom they work with. Those choices aren’t easy. So here are the best 6 best advices for mastering advertising media procurement:

1. Learn About Advertising Media Best Practices

Increased complexity has enabled media agencies to create opaque financial structures and then inflate their fees and media prices at will, while many advertisers are stuck behind contracts unfit for modern media buying that provide little scope for transparency and accountability. Not knowing media management best practices is what makes the difference between a best-in-class advertiser (with full transparency, competitive prices, and effective media planning) and an advertiser who relies to much on their media agency (and most likely gets the worse media inventory, at a premium price, without getting any or very little cash rebates).